Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Mud Kitchen

Every school needs one :0)

From Abi...our wonderful teacher aide...

Some of our children are enjoying the new 'Mud Kitchen' that has just opened next to our playhouse. Chocolate muffins and chocolate cake are available so just pop you order in :)

I have many fond memories of making mud pies as a child. For those of you who enjoyed MUDTOPIA this year then looking at the joy on our tamariki's faces will make sense to you :)

What a great way to build our immune system, enjoy sensory and tactile opportunities whilst encouraging emotional development and problem solving skills.

Get stuck in!

Looks delicious!!

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  1. YAY just seen this post, yes indeed everyone needs one. Our children were simply in 'the zone' today, mixing up a storm. Endless creativity, Nigella move over, Room 18 are THE chocolate experts and don't forget the sprinkles :) Thanks for posting Michelle and Brigitte.


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