Sunday, 10 December 2017

Big Day Out Photos

Here are some of the photos from the BDO...thank you so much parents for your help and support. It was awesome :0)

There are a whole bunch of photos in here, scroll through at you leisure.

We began the day by putting up our shelters, thanks parents ;-)

Ah yes, the scavenger hunt begins!

A sandcastle..with a moat..a what?

A leaf from a eucalyptus tree...where is that tree???

Something purple...

A spider...alive

This is what I had in mind when I said something purple, nice one.

That's right Lika, we had to drink plenty of water. I love your jandals.

Make a stickman...outstanding Oliver

Clearly Abi is having too much fun!

A daisy chain...nice teamwork Camryn and Matilda

I think Abi enjoyed this more than the kids ;-)

The pinecone...

Find a song and a dance...

Another great stickman...

The Golden Rules (you had to get at least 4!!)

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas...

Hey hey we're the monkeys

A spot of cricket...

The judges deliberate...

Prizegiving...(the prize was that we all got to go for a was hot!!!)

Thanks to Angela and Kelly, our judges. They found something positive in all of our teams.

The swim, you can't have a BDO without a swim.

Meet the mermaids...

and the seahorses...

Thanks Leonie and Shane for supplying the kids kayak and life jackets...awesome. The kids loved it.

Thanks everyone for an amazing day out.

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  1. Yes a great day, lovely to see everyone enjoying the outdoors and in 'the zone'....I was clearly having FAR too much fun, the day went far to quickly, let's do it again! Thankd to Mrs Holmes for your SUPER HUMAN effort supplying EVERYTHING, shelters/noodles/floats/balls/a game of cricket/sunscreen/water/wipes....the list is endless, and Miss Ryan for joining us, lovely to see you :) And all our fab parents and kids, what an awesome day :)


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