Wednesday, 13 December 2017


What fun you had today and so many different events you participated in - short sprints, long sprints, hurdles, shotput, foxtails, vortex, bean bag throws, high jump and long jump. Phew - you're going to be knackered!

Prizegiving Photos

Faith in Action Awards

Academic Achievement Awards

Consistent Effort Awards

Group Shots

100% Attendance Awards


Come to school in your uniform

Remember to bring
-your bike or scooter
-your togs & towel
-your hat
-a big drink of water

Bikes/Scooters need to be taken to the field in the morning. Along the wooden fence there will be room numbers with a section for your bikes/scooters to go. 

Photos to come soon from Prizegiving and Athletics

Monday, 11 December 2017

Principal's morning tea & Carols on the Field

Some very chuffed wee critters this morning at the Principal's morning tea.

And some awesome dance moves on the stage!

Sarah your facial expression is amazing! 

Thanks Mrs McIntyre for taking these awesome photos.