Friday, 1 December 2017


I'm SO SO proud of you Room 18. You were absolutely AMAZING at assembly!! 

It most definitely took the whole village to make this assembly a success...

A huge THANK YOU to Mrs Thomson and Abi for keeping me calm and helping endlessly with the children all day - you prevented me from rocking in a corner. Thanks also for taking the pictures for me and the video of that awesome hippo song (which might now leave me alone when I wake at night instead of staying on repeat in my head!).

A huge THANK YOU to Sarah (Peyton's mum) and Maria (Jessie's nanny) for helping with the fiddly bits and pieces to finish dressing the children.

A huge THANK YOU to Nathaniel and Richard who did an amazing job with the technology making everything run smoothly - you stayed cool, calm and collected while Miss Ryan was in a bit of a flap.

And last but not least, a huge THANK YOU to the mums and dads who helped their children learn their words AND to the children who learned their words or stepped in at the last minute to fill rolls and read stories AND for your awesome dancing!

Phew!! Miss Ryan is most definitely going to be sleeping in tomorrow morning - I'm exhausted.


Mr Macmillan commented that it was his favourite assembly of the year!! Go Room 18!!

Poor Mrs Holmes has been home sick all day with a bacterial infection under her voice box - ouch! I'm going to have to enlist her expertise with adding the video - as technologically literate as I am, I cannot figure that one out! So stayed tuned - super cute video coming real soon :0)

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  1. Thanks for posting Miss Ryan and well done everyone, Mrs Holmes we missed you! Get well soon.


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