Sunday, 30 July 2017

Week 2

What a cold morning it was this morning! Beautiful though for a walk around Hamurana Springs.

We made chocolate muffins for golden time on Friday, they were delicious! We are working recognising those famous fractions 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4-because you can't bake if you don't know those numbers!! More baking to come hopefully.
I have some photos that are stubborn refusing to load, so I will add them it later.

The children are tired, just keep an eye on them. There are a lot of runny noses and hacking coughs still about. Make sure they are getting to bed early and have a healthy lunchbox to help get them through the day...and plenty of water.

Student Led Conferences are on Tuesday
The children are really looking forward to celebrating and setting new goals. Make sure you get yourself booked in, we will be taking photos for our walls. If you have any dramas making an appointment just let me know and we will figure something out.

A Reminder about Reading Logs
Reading Logs are due on Wednesday and the reading draw is this Friday. It is clear and obvious that Room 18 has being doing a lot of reading-perhaps that is why we are all soooooooo exhausted:) 

A Reminder about Raffle Books
Raffle books were sent out at the end of term 2 (one per family). These are also due on Wednesday, please. 

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