Thursday, 27 July 2017

Check us out!

Some very cool things have been happening in Room 18 that deserve a mention.

This is Arieana, she read a book called The Christmas Tree and decided she was going to make her own decoration. Arieana, you are so creative.  Great job!!

Some very cool critters have been writing stories without any help from us...
From left to right I will share their stories.
Lucas wrote..."Once upon a time their was a bear who lived in a cave."
Henry wrote..."I like Mrs Holmes. I like her because she is beautiful." (This one is on my wall at home;))
Conner wrote..."Conner bear is a nice bear."
Andrew wrote..."Once upon a time there was a bear, he was old and he caught a fish."
I was super impressed that these could do this without any help from the teachers. You are AMAZING!!!

Her is another"AMAZING" critter from our class.  In the last week of Term 2 he broke his shoulder after a fall off the monkey hasn't slowed him down! Great job Caden , you are an inspiration in our class.

Have you had a chance to check out our portraits? They are gorgeous.  They wrote some clues to help you guess who is who.  Have a look and a read and see if you can guess "Who am I?"

Check out these thinking faces!  We are doing a lot of thinking in Room 18 and a lot of wondering.  The children wrote some hilarious stories in response to the question..."What happens to my poo, when I flush the loo?" You should ask them what they think happens.

Lastly, Student Led Conferences are on Tuesday.  If you read the newsletter you will know how to access the website to make an appointment.  It would be great to see all of you, especially as we will be setting goals for Term 3 and celebrating any success from our Term 2 goals.  If you have any problems making an appointment please let me know and I will arrange a time for you.
The home/school partnership is critical for the success of our critters.

Portfolios and RE books will go home on Friday, have a read through...fill out your bits and bring them back for Tuesday.   We will be using them to help us set our goals.

Thanks heaps, its been an exhausting first week back.

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