Sunday, 7 May 2017

Week 2

We welcome our new students Max and Tumanako tomorrow. I am certain that our class will make sure they are well looked after.

PMP starts again this week - PLEASE let me know if you can help on a Tuesday or Wednesday 1.30-3.00pm.  If you are not sure and would like to come and have a look, then come along on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon.  You will see what is required and can make a decision then. We need parent support for PMP to be successful.

Monday: PMP floor session-girls bring some shorts and a t-shirt.  Miniball practice at lunchtime for those in a team.

Tuesday: PMP-bring PE gear.

Wednesday: School Singing 8.45am.  PMP-bring your PE gear

Mothers day gifts for sale - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday lunch time

Sausage Sizzle $1.50
Juicy $1.50
The children seemed to have enjoyed the new juicies as they are smaller and much easier to eat than the old ones. Remember juicies are now $1.50

Religious Education - Our Director of Religious studies, Bernie Hall, has provided each class with a prayer journal. The idea of this journal is to build up a prayer book that our children can read in class during prayer time. This journal will start going out this week. Please can you support your child to write a small prayer (something children can read easily) in the journal and then they can decorate the page. There are some ideas on the front cover of what your prayer could be about. Please return to school the next day. Thank you.

Portfolio's - could I please have the portfolio's and RE books back this week. If they keep coming home it is because you need to make a comment.  Have a flick through and find the pages you need to complete.

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