Sunday, 12 March 2017

Week 7

Wow the term is going so fast! 

Swimming - It's our turn again. Bring your togs and towel every day this week - and a plastic bag to put your wet gear in. Fingers crossed the weather will be fine for us.

PMP - Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday this week. Girls will need shorts and a t-shirt - a dress is no good for some of the activities we will be doing. Mrs Kemp has asked for parent help with PMP on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the equipment sessions. We need about 4 adults for this to work. If you are available on these days, please flick me an email so that I can forward your name to Mrs Kemp. PMP is a valuable programme for our critters. 

Lunch Boxes - Some of our children are coming to school without enough lunch. Please check your child's lunchbox and make sure there are plenty of healthy options in there and that there is enough. Sandwiches, a banana, a cut up apple or carrot, and a couple of biscuits or a packet of raisins is a good start. We are seeing a lot of packaged, processed foods that lack nutritional value. If you have any questions, please come in and see me.

Trip - Week 11. We are planning a trip in week 11 to the Mount to have a look around the rock pools. There will be a cost involved. We are discussing ways we can keep this as low as possible. We will require parent support for the trip to go ahead. A letter will come home this week, please make sure you read and return the slip at the bottom if you are able to help. More details will follow when we determine if we have enough parent support.

Golden Time - The children had fun making and shooting their rockets for Golden Time on Friday. 


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