Sunday, 27 August 2017

Week 6

Bit of a gloomy day with the weather today - tomorrow's not looking much better :-(

Here's what's on this week...

-Go For It with Tim

-We will be attending a Parish Mass at St. Mary's Church. Please feel free to come and join us - we would love some parent or grandparents to come along with us. It will be the beginning of our Church strand in R.E.

Golden Time - we will be having a Jesus inspired lunch.

During the middle block we will be making bread - a mess in the making for sure. Then we will be hopefully eating the bread along with other food that Jesus ate when he was alive. If you would like to donate some flour, fruit, honey, figs or dates for our lunch that would be great. Don't stress too much though. The sausage sizzle is still going ahead. It will be cool to compare how we eat today with how Jesus ate when he was a little critter.

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